About Me

Me and Seymour

This blog is maintained by Malia and Seymour.

About Malia: I am a master’s student in library science at Simmons College.  I have a law degree from The University of Pennsylvania and an undergraduate degree from Brandeis University.  I have loved Arthurian literature since my mom gave me a copy of The Once and Future King for my eighth birthday.

About Seymour: Seymour is eight years old.  He doesn’t have an advanced degree but he often outwits his owner.  He enjoys Arthurian literature, and finds those books especially tasty.  When not chewing on books, he enjoys eating his owner’s shoes, watching ESPN (he growls if you turn it off on your way out), and doing an assortment of bad things.

I would love any feedback, suggestions and thoughts about how to make my blog better:

A classmate and I did a tutorial on GoogleBlogger, which you can find here mallison488.blogspot.com.


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