Book 1: The Tale of King Arthur

Book  1: Describes the conception of Arthur.  Arthur’s father, King Uther, was a great warrior but a tyrranical leader.  He fell in love with Arthur’s mother, Igraine, who was already married to Duke Gorlois.  Uther killed Gorlois in battle and asked Merlyn to cast a spell to make him appear to be Gorlois.  Merlyn agreed, on the condition that Uther let Merlyn raise his first-born son.  Uther agreed to Merlyn’s terms, and Merlyn made Uther appear to be Gorlois.  Igraine was fooled, and slep with Uther, believing him to be her husband.  On that night, she conceived Arthur.  She and Uther were then married.

After Uther’s death, Arthur’s claim to the throne is met with suspicion by the other nobles.  But Arthur proves himself to be the rightful king by pulling the sword Excalibur from the stone.  He then defeats the still relcalcitrant nobles in battle.

After consolidating his territory, Arthur meets Morgause, who unbeknownst to him, is his half-sister (she is the daughter of Igraine and Gorlois).  They sleep together and Morgause gives birth to Mordred.

King Arthur also takes Guinevere as his wife and establishes the knights of the Round Table.

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