The Vulgate Cycle

The Vulgate Cycle is a collection of five Arthurian stories written by Cistercian monks in France between 1215 and 1235.  The stories were not all written by the same author, but they were all attributed to Walter Map (Jones).

The stories contained are:

Story 1: The Story of the Holy Grail and its Relationship to Merlin
Story 2: The Life of Merlin
Story 3: The Life of Lancelot
Story 4: The Quest for the Holy Grail
Story 5: Arthur’s Death

The Vulgate Cycle marks the first appearance of Sir Galahad in the literature (Jones).

This image, taken from a Medieval manuscript containing some of the Welsh Poems, depicts Gwenevere about to be burned at the stake for her affair with Lancelot, as Lancelot rides to her rescue:

Works Cited:

Jones, Mary. Jones’ Celtic Encyclopedia.


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