I Am Mordred

I Am Mordred, written by Nancy Springer, was originally published in 2001.  The story is told from Mordred’s perspective.  It begins with Arthur’s decision to try to avert the prophecy that he will be murdered by his son by sending all the male babies born that year out to sea to die.  Then it describes how Mordred survived and was adopted by a fisherman and his wife.  When Mordred was a teen, his true identity was discovered and he was sent to Arthur’s court.  There everyone but Arthur treats him like a pariah because they know of the prophecy.  He is so miserable that he asks Arthur to cast a spell to remove his soul and transfer it to a raven, so that he can be free of his feelings of isolation and unworthiness.  Arthur agrees, and it is the soulless Mordred who later kills Arthur.

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